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Being on this page means you have already flipped the switch, you seek real body transformation and you’ve had enough of failed attempts. We are going to help you finally achieve it. 


6 week challenge

Unlock the power of fitness & transform your life

Discover the Ultimate All-Inclusive Fitness Program Designed to Help You Stay ForeverStrong.

Are you ready to jump-start your fitness journey and achieve the lasting results you’ve always desired?

At ForeverStrong Transformation Studio, we’re passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself. We’ve crafted an incredible 6 Week Challenge for new members who are committed to experiencing the ForeverStrong difference. But be warned – once you experience our studio, you’ll be hooked!


Team Training Memberships

Have you ever been to a crappy group fitness class? Where it’s kind of a clusterf*ck, the trainer doesn’t know your name or goals, and there’s no actual coaching (that’s why ForeverStrong doesn’t have trainers, we have coaches) or structured plan based on science and real world results? That’s like the opposite of a ForeverStrong Transformation Studio session.

Our group sessions are designed for maximum fat loss and general conditioning while building lean muscle and keeping your joints healthy and pain free. We’ll take you through an intro orientation where we’ll help you find the appropriate challenge level to get the best results while staying injury free. We believe that anyone can make you tired, but not everyone can make you better. In other words, we don’t break you down, we build you up and get you results! 
Plus, we’re obsessed with making new friends. You’ll never be a stranger at ForeverStrong Transformation Studio. You’ll get personalized coaching, guidance and support by a team that’s committed to your success. And with Memberships as low as only under R350/week, you won’t find a better value anywhere in Cape Town.


Small Group Personal Training

Our Small Group Personal Training was created so that our clients could have an affordable solution to building strength, lean muscle and performance. While the Team Training sessions focus on fat loss and conditioning, in the Small Group Personal Training we focus on lifting weights, building strength and improving performance. The groups have between 6-8 people with coaches making structured and adaptable monthly programs (we adjust to the individual) as well as over-seeing every part of the training so it’s safe, effective, fun and challenging and you’ll never get bored – while building strength, muscle, and confidence week in and week out.
To create the best possible body transformation that is sustainable, we’ve found that a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning (as well as nutrition and lifestyle changes that we coach and keep clients accountable to) is the fastest way to create results, which is why we have built a model that does just that by combining different sessions throughout the week.

final note

Get the coaching, support and guidance (you need) to help you get lean, build muscle and take control of your body. The accountability, community, tools, and strategies for you to keep the results for good.


Backed by science, proven over 5-years with results with real clients from every walk of life. Become the next success story by joining today.