Ronel Gouws

Sept 2018

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the ForeverStrong advert, I am still not sure why I filled in the form, but so glad I did… it must have been full moon at the time or something like that?!?

I have been with FS now for close to 6 months, have been joining the sessions mostly 6 days per week. I have lost around 18kg’s thus far and definitely not done yet, I am determined to smash all my goals whilst getting stronger daily.

The biggest challenge for me is/was always time, especially since I am a single mom of 3 with a full time job.

I have however realised that I decide how I spend my time, if I am not going to do this for myself, sure as hell no one else will. I now focus to get up and show up consistently without excuses.

FS has been the catalyst for amazing change in my life, not just physical... but the mental and emotional benefits almost outweighs the physical. There are always a positive atmosphere in studio, good ethos, great vibe and so much more. Everything combined makes it absolutely conducive to achieving great results.

The coaches are amazing, extremely patient, understanding and encouraging and more importantly everyone has a great sense of humor, the classes are always fun and varied. Afterwards you feel just great! Thank you to the entire FS team, I hope you do realise the positive (life changing) effects you are having on so many people, well done to you all!

I can honestly say that I am completely hooked at this point, and do not see this changing any time soon!”