Marieta Pio

It is the end of my 3rd challenge with ForeverStrong and this also marks my 1st anniversary as a member of this unique family. I never used to struggle with my weight and was rather active, up until the point where I started working, got married and had children. Since life happened it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride when it came to my weight. I tried numerous things, but soon realised that dieting was not my thing. I joined your traditional gym’s and that did not last very long either.

I then started jogging and soon that turned into an addiction until I had 2 semi serious netball injuries not too far apart from each other. The ‘inactivity’ during my healing period had my wheels come off completely and I just could not seem to get back on track, or at least staying there after I got into it again.

I noticed quite a few of my Facebook friends checking into ForeverStrong, and that got me curious. One afternoon my neighbour (Chrismari Herholdt) was visiting us, and I started chatting to her about this constant checking in and what it was about. She had me hooked immediately, and I decided just there and then that I must give this a try, it may just be my kind of place. And wow, was I right!!!! I arranged for an initial assessment and started my 1st 6 weeks challenge on that very next Monday. Apart from deciding to marry my husband, this was definitely the best decision I have ever made. It turned out that what ForeverStrong has to offer was exactly what I needed and liked, so much so that even though I may not be busy with an official challenge I manage to still attend classes 4 to 5 times a week. During my last 12 months at ForeverStrong I managed to lose 25kg’s and best of all, keep it off. Apart from the physical gains, I also got to make the best of friends, and without them I’m pretty sure getting up so early in the morning would not have been sustainable either.

Thank you Kevin for letting your brainchild (aka ForeverStrong) turn into this super amazing place of results, fun and friends. A business cannot only be successful on theory only, it needs people (but the right people) to make it work, and your extremely friendly and knowledgeable coaching team and the admin ladies makes this thing work like a well oiled machine (each and every one of them are the right people for your team).

HUA forever!!!!