Karla Oosthuizen

I guess my story will sound familiar to many. I just didn’t feel good about myself and how I looked and felt. I wanted to adapt a healthier lifestyle whilst doing proper exercise that would make a difference in my life. It was not just about losing weight, I wanted to tone my body as well. I am not a “large gymnasium” person and my perception is that it is about image and parading in the trendiest gym clothes avoiding the “red tomato: impersonation” of someone exercising seriously.

It was a coincidence that I noticed a ForeverStrong ad on Facebook. As it was in Brackenfell it was inconvenient to me. A few months later a similar ad drew my attention: this time it was for a new branch in Bellville/Durbanville which is much more convenient to me. The ad stated that there was a 28-day challenge. This seemed not too threatening and I decided to make an appointment with one of the instructors, Sheldon, to plan the 28 days. When our meeting was done I signed up for a 12-month period! I was very skeptical at first and didn’t expect too much. I was mightily impressed from the outset. The atmosphere, variety of exercises, encouragement from the coaches and my new gym buddies was amazing and still is. I started out with the 08:30 class but moved to the 05:30 class as it fitted my schedule better.

It is sometimes very hard getting up for the early class especially when it is cold and dark. What motivates me is that I feel on top of the world after the class and it starts my day on the right foot. Even my husband notices a distinct improvement in my demeanor when I return from ForeverStrong. It is definitively good for body and soul. 😊

In January 2018 I started my first challenge the 12-week inhouse challenge. This made a huge difference for me. I obtained my weight target and also improved my fitness. What made the challenge seem obtainable was the unwavering support of the coaches – Sheldon, Martin and Dehan – as well as my gym buddy Kim Myburgh.

At first, I doubted whether I would last 28 days, but it is now almost 2 years since I joined.

Thank you to all for the friendly faces, light-hearted moments, nice music and the awesome workouts. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!