Gina Marsicano

I had been seeing a friends posts on Facebook about her check in’s at ForeverStrong for quite a while. It was her enthusiastic comments about her workouts and the photos of her impressive results that really caught my attention, so when she shared a post about the 6 Week Challenge I sent her a message asking her how she felt about the gym and she couldn’t recommend it enough. She made it sound really great and strongly encouraged me to join, so I decided to give it a try. (Thanks Nix!!) That was in November last year, close to the holidays,

and I reasoned that if I could lose the 9kg’s, all the better for swimsuit season!

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I’d been struggling with my weight for quite a while – I’d start exercising, not see satisfactory results, and give up – I’m sure we’ve all been there. It was frustrating and made me disappointed in myself, which was dispiriting on top of my already negative view of my body. It eroded my self-esteem and kept me in a rut.

The results from exercising 6 days a week and eating the strict, but very healthy, diet were quickly obvious, not only on the scale, but in the fit of my clothes as well - both very motivating factors.

I completed my 6 Week Challenge in early December and immediately signed up for a full year membership, and I plan to keep doing so for a long time.

The workouts are fun, always varied, and I even have a few favourite exercises now - burpees are one of them, something I would never have thought possible. I have some un-favourite ones too – I think tuck-jumps will forever be a nemesis, but I’m still getting better at doing them!

Something that I find really special about the gym is the family ethos. It brings us all a lot closer and makes us feel like a team - like we’re striving for something together, not just each of us on our own. Everyone always has a “hello” or a smile for everyone else, which is a lovely, positive way to start the day on top of getting your endorphin fix in. I’ve also made some wonderful friends that I’m very grateful for and that I’m really happy to see every morning.

Also, the coaches are absolutely AWESOME! They’re always encouraging us to strive for more and push harder, constantly praising when each new goal is reached. Martin, Dehan and Sheldon, thank you for the support and enthusiasm, and for always having a heavier sandbag ready to throw into the mix - it just wouldn’t be the same without you guys.

I must say that the results I’ve had have been amazing - I love looking at the changes in muscle definition as time progresses, and seeing my clothes falling off because I keep slimming out of them. I do some running on the side and I’ve been able to increase my speed and my distances, and have improved incredibly on my times as well. In short, I am completely thrilled with my journey so far and excited to see where it takes me going forward.

ForeverStrong has changed my life, my body, my energy levels, my self-confidence and my pride in myself for the better, and I am so grateful to finally have found an exercise regime that I look forward to every day, one that is fun, keeps me motivated, but more than anything else, WORKS!

Kevin, the gym you have set up is incredible, and you and the rest of the team can be so proud of yourselves for helping so many people change their lives for the better!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story this month and thanks to the whole FitFam for making my experience so far at ForeverStrong such an incredibly awesome one! HUA!