Corne Grobelaar

I have always been an average half marathon runner. So in 2018 I started running again after raising 3 children. Partly to get fit and to get slimmer. The getting fit part went slowly but surely, the getting slim part not quite as easy. A Facebook post from this gym called ‘ForeverSrong’ kept popping up. As though the universe wanted to tell me I that I was not yet the skinny model that only existed in my head. And then just to get the message clearly, I discovered that my friend Rentia Harrison just completed her 6 weeks challenge and she looked amazing.

So with all that in mind I made the call……..the universe has spoken.

I know it is a clichè, but ForeverStrong has really changed my life. All of a sudden you are the person whom people want to look like. People tell you that you are the first person that they know in real life that actually lost 30kg. I have now moved from a model 6 in my head to celebrity status (still in my head though) Getting up in the mornings before work is easy when it is fun to go work out. And the feeling of accomplishment after a workout, outdone any laziness or snuggling under a warm blanket a bit longer.

So today I can easily run marathons cutting at least half an hour of my personal best and I do not see dead people borne out of my exhaustion along the road. I still want to complete the Comrades Marathon at least once. Which is totally doable with ForeverStrong’s help.

I never ever want to go back to the extra cuddly superhuman (as in super big) being. I want to stay fit and healthy. And this comes naturally when you join ForeverStrong. Daily tips, coach's corner and always a friendly face and answer.

When I joined Foreverstrong Kevin said: “we are a fitness family” and I thought, yeah right this is just a sales pitch. BUT how totally wrong I was. They walk the talk. They are first and foremost family orientated. Having 3 VERY busy mini’s that sometimes have to join a session is a bigger challenge than any 6 weeks. ForeverStrong being a family also enrich my own personal family. My husband who is always willing to babysit and my 3 mini’s who now became my walking conscious; always telling me that I am cheating when I am not feasting on a delicious fish or asparagus.

The coaches encourage, encourage some more and then even a bit more. You feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting those wights and like Hezekiel Sepeng sprinting that 100m to the bench. There is a camaraderie not to be found anywhere else. We train together, laugh together, sweat together and yes sometimes swear together. But most importantly they know your name, even the power couple, Kevin and Lynette. The ForeverStrong events that support both human and furry communities make me feel that I am actually also giving back. So I work out and do charity all in one. All whilst having an immense sense of pride.

Thank you, Kevin and your team. I see life differently today. Lighter, faster stronger, higher, and mostly better!! Huah!!!!