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the ultimate 6 week transformation challenge: testimonials

Ek het aan die begin van Jan 2020 besluit om my lewenstyl drasties te verander…. ‘n Paar van my vriendinne het groot sukses behaal by Forever Strong dat ek besluit het om hulle uitteprobeer.

Afspraak gemaak, assessment gedoen en op 20 Jan het ek weggespring met my 6 weke uitdaging. Wow wat ‘n belewenis….By Forever Strong kry jy ‘n volledige eetplan en dit sê presies wat jy wanneer moet eet en hoeveel van elke voedselgroep. Dit was die makliste ooit… ek het myself nie uitgehonger nie, ek het altyd gevoel ek eet gesond en genoeg!
Die couches by Forever strong is so vriendelik en behulpsaam, mens voel regtig deel van ‘n groep fantastiese mense.
In my 6 weke Uitdaging moes ek 9 kg veloor het… ek het teen my laaste dag 12.3kg veloor! Dankie Team Forever Strong Durbell!! Ek sien julle Maandag weer!

ForeverStrong is the BEST gym I have ever been to!! I did the 6-weeks challenge and with their help and guidance I was able to stay motivated and reach my finish line with flying colours. I have never been able to lose 10,5kg so easily and quickly before!!!It really really works and it is not difficult, but it is hard work and it requires dedication... fortunately the coaches are friendly, super willing to help and they make the classes so much fun. They take the time to connect and understand how to motivate you.

I was also assigned a fabulous nutrition coach who helped me with all my food questions and with ideas to make the eating plan tasty and exciting.

- sessions are interesting and different each day so you don’t get bored

- the music and fantastic atmosphere makes working out so much fun

- Each exercise has different levels so you work out at the level that suits your fitness and strength. The coaches are there to encourage you to level up when they see you are able to. I was never worried about hurting myself and I knew that they would challenge me when the time was right the coaches make sure your posture and body position is just right so that you get the maximum benefit from each exercise. This is amazing to experience, a small adjustment can make the world of difference.


Something that no other gym has helped me with and one of the reasons I think I got such good results. No more wasting my time doing the exercises wrong:

- each week there is something new and fun on the go at the gym which builds community and a great culture to be part of 

- the people in the sessions with me were all friendly and great, I made some great gym buddies

- there’s no “macho vibes” or showboating going on at the gym, everyone is there to just be their best

- The nutrition advice is solid and very helpful, I am continuing the eating plan now that I am done with the challenge. It is great food and because I am getting the right nutrition I no longer crave all the bad foods I used to be addicted to, it’s so great!!

If you want to lose weight, tone your body, get healthy and strong, I highly recommend ForeverStrong! Six weeks goes by so fast, and it’s so much fun - before you know it you will feel great and look amazing too! The results are amazing and I know I could not have done it without them!

Thank you all so very much

Allistair Mokoena

Best decision ever made in terms of fitness goals. The 6 week weightloss challenge is an amazing program, if there was ever a weightloss magic pill, this is IT!

Total transformation, from diet, eating habits and of course physique. The training sessions were my favorite part, had amazing coaches that are very knowledgeable in training, they help you through the workouts and push you to work harder. Then end results are clearly visible, numbers don't lie.

Loved it.