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6 week



Lose 9kg or 5% Body Fat in 6 weeks & 

you can get this challenge for FREE!

Our 6 Week Transformation Challenge is a deposit of R3000 upfront which can be paid once-off or in 2 payments of R1700 with a 30 day lead time in between. This deposit will be reimbursed once you complete the challenge successfully. 

The challenge also includes a 6 week challenge survival guide with a detailed food plan and the do’s & don’ts. This program requires you to dedicate at least 5 training sessions per week in order to have completed 30 sessions by the end of your 6 weeks.

The 6 week challenge is based on the goal of losing 9kg or 5% body fat in 6 weeks. Prior to starting the challenge, one of our experienced coaches will discuss the program in detail with you and then complete a body assessment to determine which goal is right for you. 


  • Register for a desk date and see if you qualify for our Sponsored Transformation Program.


  • Get unlimited training from us, and a coach who will work with you one-on-one for the next 6 weeks.


  • Get our proven easy-to-follow nutrition program along with all the support and guidance you need (when you need it) to keep you on track.


  • Get easy-to-make delicious recipes (and an education on how to use any food you like and stay on track). 


  • Be part of a thriving community that gives you 24/7 support

  • And much much more…



  • If you qualify we’ll ask you to make a “commitment deposit” to secure your training with us.


  • Give us 110%, reach your goal, share your success story, and your deposit is 100% refunded! (And we’re going to do everything we can to get you there, because we know when you love something you usually decide to stay after!)

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